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sister_school_logos2About Our Sister School Program

In September 2013, Hope Chinese Charter School established a sister school partnership with a well known elementary school in Suzhou China, called Xinsu Normal School of Jiangsu. This sister school program is intended to achieve a better understanding of each other’s people and country, and to further facilitate mutual communication in teaching and learning as well as students’ improvement.

Along with the sister school partnership, our two schools are planning to develop various programs and activities to provide each other with information concerning the culture, history, art and other relevant matters of their people and country. Programs and activities are, for instance, postcard drawing with simple Chinese and English words exchanged between two schools, student and faculty exchanges future visits in higher grades, and webpages from both schools to view pictures, videos and messages.

Recently, both schools made postcards and holiday cards to each other. In October 2013, we received the postcards made by Xinsu’s 2nd graders introducing themselves and with Chinese character introduction. Xinsu students are very good at drawing postcards. This activity is called Hua Xin in Chinese. HCCS has posted their postcards on a couple bulletin boards in the school hallway. On Hope’s side, our 2nd graders made cards about Halloween to share this traditional American holiday with our overseas friends. The 1st graders made large 3D postcards with mini greeting cards written in Chinese and English to send their greetings to our new friends.

In the future, both schools are looking forward to mutual visits between students and teachers. If parents are interested in taking their children to visit China, we would love to help with the visit to Xinsu elementary. You may also have the opportunity to attend the regular school days with Xinsu students!

Last but not least, HCCS extends its gratitude to the Hongyu Cai Board of Director at The Portland Suzhou Sister City Association, Inc. (PSSCA), who has helped us to locate one of the most highly esteemed elementary schools in Suzhou, and build a partnership with them. The Portland Suzhou Sister City Association, Inc. shall be dedicated to mutual friendship and understanding between the people of Portland and Suzhou and the regions they serve.

Xinsu Sister School

Dear Parents, Staff and Children of Hope Chinese Charter School

Xinsu Normal School of Jiangsu was established on October 13, 1913. It’s located in Suzhou, a large city in China that is near a few big cities, such as Shanghai and Nanjing (Nanking . Xinsu is a key elementary school with about 100-year-long history. The school has about 1281 students, 28 classes, and 103 faculty and staff members. Xinsu has vigorous communication with a number of elementary schools abroad, such as the schools in Japan and Britain. The school also received many school visits from Australia, Hong Kong and so forth. Their postcard drawing ac1vity was awarded an interna1onal prize in the field of education.

HCCS Sister School

Dear Parents, Staff and Children of Xinsu Normal School of Jiangsu

We are so honored to be your Sister School. Our students and families are excited to learn about you and your community in China. We also look forward to sharing with you information about our school and our life here in the United States. Please enjoy the video and pictures we have posted for you to view.

Julie Rickman, Principal





希望中文特许学校 校长

Julie Rickman

About Hope Chinese Charter School

Hope Chinese Charter School is a public elementary school providing a bilingual and bi-literate education in English and Mandarin Chinese. HCCS launched the first year of its charter, Kindergarten through first grade, in Fall 2012.

Mandarin Chinese is also known as Standard Chinese or Pu Tong Hua, the official spoken language in the People’s Republic of China, also widely spoken in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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