Applications for the following academic year will be available the first day back from Winter Break. Applications are due at the end of February and the Public Lottery will be held the first week in March. Exact dates are posted on the HCCS calendar.

If we receive more applications than there are available slots, then as per our charter, we will conduct a suitable random lottery process to ensure equitable access to the school. Oregon law and Oregon Department of Education policy will be used to ensure an equitable enrollment process to determine which applicants will be offered enrollment to HCCS for the next academic year. The lottery will be held the first week of March.

  • By the end of the lottery, all applicants will either be offered an acceptance for the upcoming academic year or placed on a waitlist for their grade.

Lottery Process

Dates for application deadlines, tours/informational meetings, and lottery drawing will be publicized to the community and are posted on the HCCS School Calendar. All students, whether returning or not will be placed into one lottery drawing in accordance with Oregon law. Lottery pools and waiting lists will be established for each grade level. The enrollment process will begin with the highest grade and continue down to Kindergarten. Those students with enrollment priority (eg: siblings of currently enrolled students) will be removed from the lottery pool for their grade and granted admission according to the priority list.

  1. Returning students
  2. Siblings of students already attending
  3. Students living within BSD attendance boundaries
  4. All other students
  • Parents/guardians must accept or decline admission offer within five business days of student’s name being drawn in the lottery. To ensure that the student is able to enroll, the family must fill out and submit all required documents by the date listed on the enrollment form, or within two weeks of notification of acceptance. If there is no response within the five days or if the enrollment forms are not returned within two weeks, the next potential student on the list will be notified of an opening.
  • Children not offered enrollment due to capacity restrictions will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Those on the waiting list may be placed in the school any time during the year up until May 1st when an opening occurs according to their place on the list; as long as they meet the academic requirements for their grade level at the time admissions is offered.
  • Once the enrollment period is complete and waiting list has been established through lottery as described above, subsequent applications will be added to the waiting lists on a first come-first served basis.
  • Sibling preference requires that the first sibling be enrolled in the school in the current year and plans to continue enrolling in the school in the next year. This policy is in effect at all times during the year. 
  • Regarding twins/triplets who apply, if one child gets in, the other child applying is not automatically enrolled. They will only be offered the slot if the lottery number is picked.

After the Lottery

  • Confirmation of acceptance and registration packets are sent out with lottery acceptance.
  • Accepted applicants must confirm within five business days and the family must fill out and submit all required documents by the date listed on the enrollment form, or within two weeks of notification of acceptance.
  • If accepted applicants do not confirm their registration and requirements by the deadline, we will offer the unfilled slots to waitlisted applicants.

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