World Human Rights Day & Intel: 2x match opportunity

World Human Rights Day & Intel: 2x match opportunity

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich recently announced some exciting changes to Intel’s longstanding “Intel Values”.  The biggest change is updating the value “Great Place to Work” to “An Inclusive, Great Place to Work”.   Intel is also adding a sub-bullet under “Risk Taking” stating “that they will “Embrace a growth mindset in everythingworld-human-rights-day-16 we do.”  In the announcement, CEO Krzanich states “to help demonstrate our commitment to inclusion the team has come up with a great way to celebrate” Human Rights Day (December 10th) and the 68th anniversary of the United Nation’s Human Rights Declaration.  From 12/7 – 12/13/16, the “Intel Foundation will do a 2x match of any employee donation to qualifying charitable and educational organizations.”  To do so, log into Benevity and enter your donation through 12/13/16.  Intel and its values of inclusion and growth mindset are also foundational pieces of Hope Chinese Charter School, our teaching philosophy and our mission of of “Educating for Global Fluency”.  Through education, language and culture, we expose ourselves to the greater world and learn to understand others to live harmoniously.  On the United Nations websiteUN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says “Upholding human rights is in the interest of all. Respect for human rights advances well-being for every individual, stability for every society, and harmony for our interconnected world”  If you believe in diversity and inclusion, please join together in supporting Hope Chinese Charter School.  To read the entire Intel announcement go to:  Intel commitment to Human Rights.


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