Class Camping Trips

Class Camping Trips

Want to know more about how to plan a fun and successful class camping trip?  Follow these handy tips from 5th grade parent and board member Roxanne Gryder:

  • Plan early – Oregon State Parks allow you to book 9 months in advance, so if you want to do a July weekend you’ll need to book the sites in October.
  • Get an idea of how many families want to attend and collect camping fees (it’s $21/night for a tent site and most families stay for 2 nights + $8 non refundable reservation fee).  It’s hard to know your summer schedule this early but cancelling usually only incurs an $8 fee per site. And our experience is that even if people cancel there are other families who will step in to take their site.
  • Have one parent volunteer to book the sites – they’ll want to book at midnight the day they’re available (9 months in advance) – that way all sites are near each other. Parents who have a trailer or RV and want a full hookup typically book on their own as they have certain parameters they’re looking for. Typically this volunteer collects money as all funds are due when reservations are made. PayPal, Venmo and PopMoney have all worked for this! For Oregon State Parks use the website
  • The week before the trip the organizer sends out campsite assignments and we usually try to piece together a schedule of activities which families can choose to join or just do their own thing.
  • We allow any past or present member of our class to participate, but we do limit it to our class only (although siblings are welcome).
  • We encourage EVERY FAMILY from the class to join. This has created amazing opportunities to develop great relationships with families we might not know as well!
  • We make it clear this is not an official HCCS sponsored event! All liability rests solely

欢迎 Welcome!

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