Enrollment FAQ for Prospective Families

Applications for the 2018-189 academic year will be available the first day back from Winter Break. Applications are due the last business day in February and the Public Lottery will be held the first week in March. Info sessions and school tours will be available. Details will also be posted here on our website under Admissions.
Hope Chinese Charter School is open to all residents of the Portland/Beaverton metro area.
HCCS’s Charter sponsor is the Beaverton School District, so we give preference to residents of BSD. We will be verifying all addresses prior to the lottery.
No, as a public charter school, there are no fees to apply and no tuition for attending Hope Chinese Charter School. We do however expect your support as a volunteer (30 hours per family per year)  and request financial contributions and/or assistance in raising funds since we do not receive full funding from the state.
We strongly recommend attending an information session to gain a better understanding of the mission and values of HCCS and be sure it will be a good match for your child. However, the info sessions are not mandatory.
The date on or before which a child must be 5 years old to enter Kindergarten is September 1st of the start of the academic year. We will be verifying ages prior to the lottery.

For more information regarding Kindergarten eligibility, please visit the Beaverton School District Website.

Although the main enrollment period for 2017-18 is now over, we are still accepting applications for all grades. If you are interested in applying for 2017-18 available slots, please email info@hopeccs.org.
No. The waiting list is generated each year from the students who apply for the coming academic year. The waiting list remains in effect until the end of April of that academic year. You should apply in the winter before your child will enter Kindergarten.
The current plan is to add only Kindergarten classes each year until we reach full capacity of a K-8 elementary school in 2020.
We encourage you to attend an information session to have your specific questions answered.

For Students on the Waiting List for the Current Academic Year

Yes. The waiting list for each year is specific to that academic year. The current waiting list for this year will remain in effect until May 1st and be used for any slots which open by attrition during the current academic year.  You must complete the enrollment process for the next year and submit a new application to be eligible for a slot in the next academic year. The applications must be in office by the deadline.  The lottery in March will be used to select students who will be offered slots for next academic year and also to generate the waiting list for that academic year.  It is possible for a student to be on the waiting list for both the current academic year through April and the next year as they are independent lists.  
No. The waiting list for each year is specific to that academic year and has no bearing on a student’s odds of being offered a slot for another academic year. You must complete the enrollment process for the new year and submit a new application to be eligible for a slot in the next academic year.

FAQs for Students Currently Enrolled at HCCS

We believe in the importance of trying to keep siblings together at the same school. Therefore, siblings of current students do receive preference. We expect that all applicants for Kindergarten who have a sibling currently enrolled at HCCS will be offered a slot for admission. Please be sure to complete an application for your child and indicate that they have a sibling currently enrolled at HCCS.

Regarding twins/triplets who apply, if one child gets in, the other child applying is not automatically enrolled. They will only be offered a spot if the lottery number is picked.

Children who successfully complete the current year at HCCS will be promoted to the next grade level for academic year. A new application should not be completed. However, returning students will need to fill out a registration form to indicate that they will be returning in the next year.

If you have questions that have not been answered above.

Please e-mail info@hopeccs.org.

For information and the most updated dates related to enrollment and other HCCS events, please check our website, follow us on Facebook.

Thank you for your interest in Hope Chinese Charter School. HCCS is a tuition-free charter school offering K – 5th grade growing to 8th grade Mandarin immersion education.