Program Overview

Hope Chinese Charter School (HCCS) is pleased to announce that we are hosting the STARTALK Pacific Northwest  K-12 Chinese Teacher Training Program in summer 2017.

The STARTALK Pacific NW K-12 Teacher Training Program will respond to the demand for highly qualified teachers of Chinese by providing support and resources to Chinese teachers in the Pacific Northwest area.  It will provide opportunities to 12 Chinese teachers who are currently teaching in K-12 Chinese programs or preparing their pathway to become a Chinese teacher.  The program consists of two strands: 1) 3-day intensive teacher training workshops that deliver an explicit emphasis on how to use the Backward Design Theory to plan for meaningful learner-centered learning experiences; 2) 3-day classroom observations in the STARTALK student program at Hope Chinese Charter School and debrief discussions with the instructors and peers.  The first 3 days of teacher training workshops will be mandatory for all the participants.  The remaining optional 3 days will coincide with the STARTALK STEM-Integrated Chinese Summer Program whereby teachers will be able to observe and reflect on How the STARTALK-Endorsed Principles in action as they are applied in the classroom.

Participants who complete all the requirements in the program will receive 21 Professional Development (Continuing Education) Units for teacher license renewal, if participating in Strand 1 only.  Participants will receive additional 16 units if participating in both strands.

Date & Time

Strand 1:  Teacher Training Workshop (Mandatory)

June 29 – July 1, 2017,  Thursday – Saturday

9:00am – 5:00pm (Breakfast provided from 8:15am)

Strand 2:  Student Program Classroom Observation & Debrief Session (Optional)

July 5 – July 7, 2017, Wednesday – Friday

9:00am – 3:30pm

Day 1:  Backward Design – Stage 1 & 2 Goals & Assessments

– How to create meaningful practice to check for learning in all modes of communication

– How to identify the curriculum goals with standard-based benchmarks

– How to create summative performance-based assessment based on curriculum goals

Day 2:  Backward Design – Stage 3 Learning Experience

  • How to plan learning sequence to ensure a structured and effective learning experience
  • How to use meaningful “check for learning” kit tools to assess students learning needs and progress (incorporate formative assessment)

Day 3:  Backward Design – Stage 3 Learning Plans

  • How to create practical and effective learning plans for each learning segments
  • How to put written plans into practice (lesson demos)
Strand 1

  1. Complete prior program reading and a prior knowledge quiz
  2. Record daily entry and comments on reflection discussion board
  3. Create a unit plan with group members
  4. Create a lesson plan for a 45-minute demo class
  5. Conduct a 45-minute demo class

Strand 2

  1. Complete daily classroom observation tasks and record observation notes
  2. Participate in debrief discussions and record reflection notes
Ying Jin, Guest Instructional Lead

Ms. Ying Jin has more than 15 years Chinese language and culture teaching experience in diverse settings, including middle school, high schools and colleges in both the U.S. and China.  She is currently a teacher of all levels of Mandarin Chinese at the Fremont Union High School District in Cupertino, California.  Ms. Jin has presented many times in conferences, such as ACTFL, CLTA (California Language Teachers Association), and STARTALK.  She enjoys interacting with other teachers and promoting Chinese language teaching in the K-12 realm.  Ms. Jin received her M.A. degree in Instructional Technologies from San Francisco State University (1998), and B.A. degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Peking University, China (1986).  Additionally, Ms. Jin volunteers for numerous educational and cultural organizations in the SF Bay Area.  Ms. Jin has received 2016 Teacher of the Year from CLTA, 2015 Outstanding Teacher Award From CLTA, and 50th Annual Murphy Educator of the Year Award in 2014.  She is currently the nominee for 2017 Teacher of the Year from ACTFL.


Yuri Liu, Program Director & Instructional Lead

Ms. Yuri Liu has been a research and teaching fellow in the field of Chinese as a foreign language education since 2006.  She is currently the Chief lead Chinese immersion teacher and Director of Chinese immersion program at Hope Chinese Charter School.  Her teaching experience in Chinese as a foreign language education ranges from early childhood to higher education (K-16).  Her work experience has been affiliated with Chinese Flagship Programs, STAMP 4S Test Development, and several immersion programs in the U.S.  Since summer 2016, she has been the program director and instructional lead for the STARTALK STEM-Integrated Chinese Summer Program at HCCS.  Ms. Liu graduated from the University of Oregon with a M.S. in Educational Methodology, Policy and Leadership and a M.A. in Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching Specialization.  She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from East China Normal University with an emphasis in teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language.  Ms. Liu has been invited to present her several research projects in Chinese Pedagogy at multiple national Chinese language conferences in the U.S. since 2013.


Angie Chien-Fu, Instructor

Ms. Angie Chien-Fu (M.A., Educational Technology, San Diego State University) started teaching to early-childhood learners in 1994.  In the past decade, she has been teaching Chinese to K-12 students in the U.S.  She is currently teaching Kindergarten at HCCS and has been actively developing creative learning activities to reinforce early-childhood literacy in Chinese.  She has been invited to present at conferences such as the National Chinese Language Conference and the Chinese Language Education Forum about how to improve Chinese oral proficiency and literacy through meaningful practice.

Application & Registration Process

To apply for the STARTALK Pacific Northwest  K-12 Chinese Teacher Training Program, please fill out the application form by June  4, 2017.  We welcome all the Chinese teachers who are currently teaching in K-12 Chinese programs or preparing their pathway to become a Chinese teacher to apply for the program.  Financial support (up to $250) will be provided to participants who travel from other states.  In addition, the program will provide breakfast and lunch for 3 days and a dinner on Day 2 in strand 1.

Program acceptance will be sent out on June 9, 2017.  Once accepted, please fill out the program registration form and the STARTALK Program Consent Form by June 16, 2017.

If you have any questions, please email