Hope Chinese Charter School (HCCS) provides a comprehensive bilingual and biliterate education that nurtures students to be highly proficient in all academic subjects, with a special emphasis on Mandarin Chinese, English and mathematics. We aspire to teach in a way that develops joyful, lifelong learners.

Our dual language program is focused towards academic excellence in both English and Chinese. To achieve those goals, we offer several support programs to help students develop their individual potential, including Talented and Gifted (TAG), ESL/ESOL, and intervention programs.

Our Chinese language curriculum aligns with the American Council of Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) guidelines, which focus on the quality of communication and strong verbal fluency. The program also explores Chinese culture. The ratio of Chinese immersion instruction adjusts to children’s needs as they grow – offering the most Chinese time during the lower grades, and shifting to more English instruction in the upper grades when more advanced English skills are required. Our Chinese language goal is to provide a lifelong gift – providing students with the highest proficiency in the most important skills, so they can retain skills and grow independently after graduating from our program. To support our vision of active, engaged learners, our academic program also includes BSD-endorsed curriculums such as the acclaimed Singapore Math program and FOSS Science, a hands-on science curriculum.

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