Tours and Information Sessions

08/03/2020: Due to building restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, our on-site tours have temporarily been postponed for safety.  

Thank you for your interest and support of Hope Chinese Charter School! We look forward to seeing you soon!

School Tours are designed to allow prospective parents, and interested community members, to see HCCS classrooms in action. Tours are followed by a question and answer session led by the President. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer individual tours outside of the tour schedule. (*an exception may be made for out of state applicants or the media).

Information Sessions will also be held in the evening for prospective parents who would like to see HCCS and find out more about the school. A tour of a classroom is part of the Info Session, but no students will be present. The Information Session will cover the same overview information as the school tour, but also includes a presentation of the HCCS academic curriculum and a question and answer session led by the principal and/or additional staff members. Current HCCS parents may also be available to speak with prospective parents and answer questions.

Our tours and information sessions are intended for prospective parents and interested community members. We ask that children do not accompany parents as they can be a distraction and disruption to our tours, information presentations, students and teachers during classroom visits and information sessions.

PLEASE sign up to attend a school tour and information session to get a better understanding of the academic program at Hope Chinese Charter School (strongly encouraged but not required for admission).  Space is limited so please RSVP now.

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Quick and Important Information

🔗 Reopening School Update: July 29, 2020 Please click the link  read an important announcement from Principal Rickman
🔗 Comprehensive Distance Learning Information and COVID 19 Resources    Please click the link to read information about upcoming CDL
🔗 Upcoming Property Scoping Committee Meeting and Agenda   Please click the link for the 8/1/20 agenda 
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