Application Process

  • RSVP to attend a School Tour & Info Session to get a better understanding of the academic program at Hope Chinese Charter School (strongly encouraged but not required for admission). Space is limited so please RSVP for each person who will attend. Please click Tour on the left for details!

  • Complete and submit the HCCS Application. Applications must be submitted by the last weekday in February. Applications received after this deadline will not be included in the lottery the first week of March and will automatically be placed at the end of the waitlist. Please click Apply on the left for details!

  • Beaverton School District policy requires students to be age five on or before September 1st to enter kindergarten. We will be verifying ages prior to the lottery.

Lottery and Admission

  •  The lottery will be held the first week of March. Attendance at the lottery is not necessary and does not affect your child’s chance of being offered a slot. Lottery results will be sent via email by the date published on our website.
  • If selected in the drawing, your child will be offered a slot for enrollment. You will receive registration instructions after the lottery via email. Registration documents will be emailed out with notification lottery notification.

  •  Registration documents due back to HCCS by the date published in the  original acceptance letter.
  •  Mandarin speaking assessments will be scheduled for accepted students entering grades higher than kindergarten, dates to be determined.

Knowledge of Chinese Language

Knowledge of the Chinese language is not required to enroll at HCCS. However, due to our rigorous immersion program, families generally find it difficult for many students above 1st grade to successfully thrive academically if they have no Chinese language experience. While we will not turn anyone away who is interested in enrolling their child in HCCS, for the student’s academic benefits, we would just want to make the challenges very clear and emphasize that the student would require quite a bit of additional support. We will conduct an informal assessment of a child’s Chinese language proficiency and meet individually with the parents of any student 1st grade of higher seeking to enroll for the first time.

Students enrolling for the first time in grades 2nd and above who have knowledge of the Chinese language at a level approximating that of their classmates will reap the full benefits of our immersion program.


All applications must be submitted by the last work day in February in order to be entered into the enrollment lottery.  Applications received after this deadline will not be included in the lottery the first week of March and will automatically be placed at the end of the waitlist.

Non Discrimination Statement

Hope Chinese Charter School (HCCS) will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, ancestry, athletic performance, special needs, proficiency in the English language or prior academic achievement when recruiting or admitting students.

Quick and Important Information

🔗 Reopening School Update: July 29, 2020 Please click the link  read an important announcement from Principal Rickman
🔗 Comprehensive Distance Learning Information and COVID 19 Resources    Please click the link to read information about upcoming CDL
🔗 Upcoming Property Scoping Committee Meeting and Agenda   Please click the link for the 8/1/20 agenda 
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