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It is year three for me, and I continue to be so proud of our teachers and students.  What we do at HOPE is unique and unmatched by surrounding schools, public or private.  I am proud to have led this team for the last two years and pleased to continue here at HOPE.  Our collaboration with our families ensures academic success for our students.  

If you are reading this, you are either already a parent of a student in our school or you are exploring whether HOPE is a good match for your child and family.  Whichever you are, I encourage you to review the state assessment data on our site, which will demonstrate the amazing success our students demonstrate. Academic Success is just one reason our families “CHOOSE HOPE”  for their children.

In addition to being a top performing school in the Beaverton School District, we are a top immersion program compared to schools across the U.S.  Our high proficiency expectations, supportive families, and amazing teachers ensure that students meet these high standards , including high proficiency in the Mandarin language. 

I can list many reasons why parents should “CHOOSE HOPE.”  First and foremost is the strong, diverse community.  We are a family here at HOPE, supporting each other and ensuring everyone feels safe and welcomed.  We provide a student centered, nurturing environment for our students.  Not only do we maintain a safe place for all students, our school is safe and secure overall.  We review our emergency plans annually, practice drills throughout the year, and make sure all of our security procedures are followed by all staff, students, and families.  You won’t find a safer school.

“CHOOSING HOPE” puts you on a winning team with your students having a bright future. This year we are diving deep into our strategic planning and our plans to grow as a school.  Our hope is to grow our school, while maintaining the small community feel.  This growth will allow us to be more financially stable and also offer our students more programs.  I look forward to collaborating with all of you on our future plans.  

Each year we lose a couple students for various reasons.  Typically, the reasons are family situations.  Although we have plenty of students on waiting lists, it always makes me sad when our students leave. We have so much to offer.  I understand that there are emergencies, but I will always miss the few students that leave us.  If you are joining us as new families we certainly hope you will stay with us until your child has reaped the full benefits that HOPE has to offer.

In closing, I want to reiterate that HOPE is a great place for kids!  Between the academics, the safe environment, the family atmosphere, the parent involvement/collaboration, the quality teachers, and amazing customer service, it makes it easy for families to “CHOOSE HOPE” for their children.  I encourage you to spread the word about the amazing school your child attends.  We want to be prepared to grow in the near future and want more families to be prepared to join us!

With High Expectations, 

Kevin Olds, Principal HCCS

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